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# Overview

Commands are used to get information from the IoT-device and send configuration data to it.

Commands can be send via a JSON string or a “command line interface” (CLI) like string.

## Commands in JSON-Format

JSON commands have the folloging elements:

Key Comment
CMD Command
IDX (optional) Index of an instance
SRC (optional) Source of the request for autentification
params (optional) Parameters to transport
xxx (optional) Additional argument for the command


```JSON {

'CMD': 'gadget.setparams',
'SRC': '',
'IDX': 1,
'params': {"Lorem":1, "Ipsum":2}

} ```

## Commands as CLI


`variable.set <key> <value>`


`variable.get pi`

`variable.set pi 3.14`

`variable.set mystr “Lorem Ipsum”}`

`variable.set mylist [“Lorem”, “Ipsum”, 0, 8, 15]`

`variable.set mydict {“Lorem”:1, “Ipsum”:2}`

## Command Return

Each command returns something - there is no silent command.

The return is always in JSON format.


`[0, null]` No error, no content

`[0, “Lorem Ipsum”]` No error, str as payload

`[0, {“Lorem”:1, “Ipsum”:2}]` No error, dict as payload

`[-900, “Unknown command”]` Error with description

# Commands by Functions

* [Gadget](Gadget) * [Gateway](Gateway)


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