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  • Like ESPEasy a web configurable IoT device
  • Usage of IoT devices by hobbyists without progrmming expirence
  • Adding plugins with low/mid level Python knowlage
  • Append plugins by community (GitHub)
  • Open source


  • RaspberryPi, \*Pi (initially planned)
  • PC (for development and debugging)
  • ESP32
  • PyBoard ?
  • ~~ESP8266~~ too less memory :-(
  • Other platforms running MicroPython with 100 kByte free RAM (`gc.mem_free()`)

Programming Lanuage:

  • Hybrid-Python to fit all platforms:
    • CPython 3.4.x (or higher) for Raspberry Pi and PC
    • MicroPython 1.9.4 (or higher) for ESP32 and PyBoard

User GUI:

User CLI:

  • All funcionalitys are accessable by a command line interface via HTTP GET request, web page (HTML form), Telnet, …

Plugin system:

  • Easiely extend by anyone
  • Unloadable plugins (import fails) are dismissed and don't affect other plugins
  • If nessecary intall with reduced plugin count
  • Gadget-plugins:
    • Interface to hardware sensors and actuators
    • Deliver variables/measurements (e.g. temperature, switch on/off, …) to active gateway-plugins, rules, web interface, …
    • Each gadget has its own partial web page form for configuration
    • A gadget plugin can be instanciated multiple times (e.g. many temperature sensors of same type)
  • Gateway-plugins:
    • Interface to external servers and brokers
    • Consume variables/measurements (e.g. temperature, switch on/off, …) and deliver them to the configured server (e.g. MQTT, HTTP, Socket, InfluxDB, …)
    • Can also support hardware access to transmission modules (e.g. LoRaWan, Philips Hue, …)
    • Each gateway has its own partial web page form for configuration
    • A gateway can be instanciated multiple times
  • Command-plugins:
    • Extend cli with additional commands
  • rule-plugins:
    • Add rules to react on new measurements and call cli commands or set the values of other variable
    • Each rule has its own partial web page form for configuration
  • web-plugins:
    • Extend web front end with additional pages


  • Initial: English
  • Later: localisation


Easy *Pi Controller for IoT Devices